How To Prepare Your Residential Property For Sale Fast

How To Prepare Your Residential Property For Sale Fast

A quick Google search will offer hundreds of tips on how to prepare your Lafayette residential property for sale. These tips range from aesthetic tips like repainting your interiors to how to pick the right agent. However, there’s more to getting a house sold quickly and for a great price than these important strategies. If you really want your home to sell fast, you need to understand the buying process and then make preparations in tandem.


Prepare Your Documents


When you get ready to sell your home, you need to provide your agent and potential buyers with a lot of important information about your home. Among these is the cost of living in the home. So before talking to an agent collect the following documents:


  • Your monthly utility bills like electricity, water, and HVAC.
  • Your annual tax bills over the time you’ve owned the home
  • Any documentation on renovations and costs
  • Any warranties including warranties on your home appliances
  • Your mortgage paperwork including all the details of the agreement
  • Any surveys of the property
  • Any rental contracts that may be in place


These documents will help your agent price the property correctly and provide potential buyers with a full picture of what owning the home will entail.


Schedule A Pre-Listing Home Inspection


A pre-listing home inspection can help make sure that the selling process goes smoothly and you aren’t caught off guard by any findings in the final inspection. A pre-listing inspection is very similar to the final inspection, except it is done before you ever take your home to the market. The findings of a pre-listing inspection can help you understand exactly what repairs need to be done on your Lafayette home to get the best price. That way you can make these upgrades now and be confident that a deal won’t fall through because of a lack of repairs.


Develop Your Market Strategy


Even though the residential market is a seller’s market right now, it’s important to develop a strategy so it moves quickly. Make a strategy for how you will take your home to the market. For example, if you and your real estate agent decide to post listings online, make sure you plan a day to take some high-quality pictures of your home. Prospective buyers are much more likely to choose a property with great photos. You also want to make sure you understand your target demographic and highlight features they’ll love. For example, millennial buyers love walk-in closets and flexible spaces, make sure to target these in your ads. Once you have a solid plan you can hit the ground running.


At Titan Lafayette Real Estate understands there’s a lot to selling a residential property. Our experts work closely with our clients to get their properties to market correctly and sell their homes fast! If you are looking to work with a great real estate professional in Lafayette, give our experts a call. We’ll make sure that you understand the selling process and can help you get the most value for your residential property possible.