How To Make Your Property Attractive To Millennial Renters

How To Make Your Property Attractive To Millennial Renters

For most millennials, they consider themselves as the generation that will most likely never be able to afford a house of their own--unless they are given one by the parents. Thus, they have become the prime market for leasing properties in IN.


With a more competitive market and discerning tenants, your property might become another listing in a sea of properties. If you want to make your property more attractive to millennials, here are some of the ways to make sure yours remain attractive to the right tenant. 


Location is Key--Or Make It So


Millennials make up a large chunk of the workforce. Most of the time, they tend to find and lease space that is close to their workplace, or a viable transport system that will make it a comfortable commute.


Of course, chances are, if you already own the property, you either have it in a great neighborhood or not. It’s hard to deny that proximity to key facilities and transportation are the top two shoe-ins for most renters, mostly because they are more likely busy individuals. 


However, if your property does not have a prime location, you can also transform it into a workplace den for the freelancers. Some millennials want to find a good place that can double as a home office. This means that a location with a good broadband connection and less noise pollution can work the same wonders. It’s all about creating a space that caters to our tenants’ needs.


Go Green, Go Pets, and Go Community


Another key thing to remember about millennials is that they are more likely to have pets than children. A common misconception is that at a certain change, a person is already meant to have a family with kids. However, in the millennials’ perspective, family can just be two people owning a pet or even just a single individual who raises two to three cats. Adjusting your property’s clause to include pets can already point for your listing in Lafayette.


Alongside this, a green apartment can also be worth a lot to millennials. Even when greener apartments can be more expensive to maintain, a higher rent with proper utilities, good recycling, and segregation policies, and other eco-friendly features will surely gain good points. It would be even better if you can have a flexible sharing program for tenants. Sometimes, going with the times’ needs can definitely boost your property’s appeal.


Get a Good Real Estate Company to Help Out


Once you have all of these features and policies, tap a quality real estate broker who knows the ins and outs of property leasing in Lafayette. Whether it is creating a trustworthy and clean-looking profile to advertise online or going with the old-style way of finding renters for your property, a good real estate broker will have important inputs to make your property more appealing to the younger market.


Titan Lafayette Real Estate has years of experienced realtors who continue to get involved and know Lafayette and its potential renters and property, buyers. Be part of their property listings today and match your unit with the right tenant.