Why Commercial Real Estate Could Be The Perfect Investment For You

Why Commercial Real Estate Could Be The Perfect Investment For You

Commercial properties come in many different shapes and sizes. Retail, industrial, and office buildings are included in the mix. So are warehouses, apartments, and mix-use buildings. Lafayette investors choose to purchase commercial real estate for many different reasons. However, more often than not, they do so because of the income potential. According to NOLO, these properties typically have annual returns of between six and twelve percent.

There is also the option of buying residential structures to earn a living. However, Lafayette investors generally only see returns between one and four percent when going this route. That is a topic for another day, though, as we are discussing commercial real estate. Not all properties will make as much money as others. A lot has to do with where they are located.

Consumers can purchase commercial real estate in Lafayette to collect rent from tenants for a while. Then, if the right offer comes along, they can sell the places to get huge returns on their investments. Regardless of whether you want to be a landlord forever or wish to buy now and sell later, we have you covered. Our agency has loads of commercial listings, and one or more of them could be perfect for you. Let us now look at some more reasons why commercial real estate might be the right investment for you.


Become A Small Business Owner To Build Professional Relationships

When people invest in commercial real estate, they often do so as LLCs. In other words, the property is operated as a business, and the investor builds a business-to-business relationship with the tenant. Even if the occupant doesn't stay around forever, the connection can prove useful later on. Investors are also able to become involved with contractors. They use them to fix issues and remodel their properties. Having a good relationship with plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and more can lead to deals on projects.  

Build A Brand With Commercial Real Estate

Most business owners want to be in the public eye. Building a brand and getting their name out there helps them do just that. By putting money into commercial real estate via new paint, siding, or whatnot, people will start to notice the building. They will want to stop in and see what the place has to offer. That is good for the tenant, as it will increase their business. It can also send potential clients the investor's way, leading to them expanding their commercial real estate empire.


Only Work When Renters Are Open For Business

Another reason to invest in commercial property is that you only have to work when tenants are open for business if you want. Of course, you may get emergency calls in the middle of the night now and again. It is of the utmost importance to handle them promptly to keep your renters happy and content. However, for the most part, landlords can ensure that they have time on their hands to address pressing matters or rest and relax. Contact Titan Lafayette Real Estate to check out our commercial real estate listings today.